Q & A
of The Ministry of the Biune Trinity:
Attempting to answer all difficult and important theological questions
so that you always have an answer

whether for yourself or for others

Updated as of: 7 May, 2017.

Questions Answered:

  1. How do I know there is a God?
    --Answer: Who made you? Unless you remember making yourself, you should admit that some other Power made you, and should therefore be recognized as a 'god' to you, whatever it is. You would do well to find out more about it, but emphasizing facts on evidence over trust of human authorities and their credentials.

  2. How can a loving God torment people in Hell?

    1. --Answer: Because God loves everyone, not just you, so that He has to be fair and just so that everyone is valued and loved at the same time. He does not love just the perpetrator, but also the victim, and to love them both must keep order by fairness, which means to reflect the good or evil you do to others back at you.
      To be blunt, God shows His love for others, when He punishes you for wrongs you did to them.
      But God shows His love for you by showing you why you deserve it; no one in Hell is confused about why they are there.

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