of The Way of the Biune Trinity

Updated as of: 7 May, 2017.

Mission Statement: We share the following beliefs:

  1. God made us, cares for us, and desires a relationship with us. He is the source of all life. He is all-powerful, all-knowing, beyond all-time, trustworthy, reliable, approachable, understanding, reasonable, and merciful. He is our rock of security. We do well for ourselves to seek Him and put our trust in Him; we do well for others to encourage them to do the same.

  2. God is a Biune Trinity: one being expressed in male and female character (GH12 Chapters LXXV v.20 and XCV v.18) in each of three persons: Father-Mother (or Eternal Parent, whose real Hebrew name, as best we currently understand it, is Yahuwah or simply Yah), Spouse-Bride (Holy Spirit, which in Hebrew is Ruach HaKodesh (ROO-akh hak-KOH-desh)), and Son-Daughter (Savior, conventionally known as Jesus, whose real Hebrew name, as best we currently understand it, is Yahushua. As of this writing we are not aware of separate names for the male and female counterparts.

  3. A personal relationship with God approached only through the Son-Daughter, who is the Way, Truth and Life (John 14:6) who reconciles us to the Eternal Parent despite our sins, who is a gateway for us for self-improvement and everlasting life.

  4. We are accountable to God for our thoughts, words, and actions, especially our intent behind them; this acountability does not disappear because we follow Yahushua-Maryah.

  5. God loves good and hates evil, but is merciful to those who repent before their life judgment (normally after death).

  6. God offers (at least) eternal security to those who trust in Him and avoid evildoing (“sin”, generally deeds which are intended to further our own goals at the unjust expense of others).

  7. God offers (at least) eternal rewards to those who do good (generally deeds intended to improve the plight of others around us, even at our own expense).

  8. We should accept no spiritual master but God Himself (Matt 23:8).

  9. We must test the truth, by evidence not trust, in all matters before we intervene in them, so that we intervene on the right side. And we must check the evidence for ourselves, because only if we find it ourselves do we remove our own doubts that it was falsified.

  10. We should not dictate to anyone what to believe, not even in our own membership, but let everyone decide their own morality, as they grow before God, as long as they are responsible for it.

  11. God Himself is our primary and only infallible source of truth (as well as our eternal life). We can ask Him for answers we need so long as we permit the Eternal Parent to answer in the way He chooses.

  12. Secondary sources of truth include the inspired books the Holy Bible (especially Geneva or King James versions), and The Gospel of the Holy Twelve (Internet Archive version at this link), but noting that no book on earth is infallible, nor are these the only inspired works.

  13. Truth, once found, must not be abandoned for anything except a higher truth, which must not be resisted.

  14. The use of graven images, including: television, videos, film, pictures, paintings, and drawings, is not acceptable in divine worship.

  15. Baptism (the ritual of Christian initiation) must be performed only in the name of the one Saviour (and not in the name of titles).

  16. Saturday is the correct day to celebrate the Sabbath (the holy day of rest).

  17. All humans have a responsibility to care for not only themselves but also for others, animals, and the environment. We are our brother's keeper.

  18. Humans should be compassionate to animals (those animals which are compatible to live in peace with us).

  19. A vegan diet (including lacto-ferments) is an excellent solution to maximize human health while at the same time minimizing the harm to animals and the environment,

  20. No one should accept payment to minister in the Eternal Parent's Name (because it puts the incentive in the wrong direction: for money instead of for truth and the Eternal Parent; Matt 6:24, Luke 16:13).

  21. No church should accept support or incentives, including income tax breaks, from anyone, including government, which come with any condition except the furtherance of our existing goals for God. Neither should anyone give in God's Name for any personal benefit but first where that support is best used for God.

  22. No church should lay claim to any percentage of members' income, or demand donations at any time as an obligation, but ministry must be offered for free, leaving donations at the discretion of each person's heart.

  23. Prayer and meditation are the most powerful forms of activism, if properly used.

  24. We should celebrate our communion in body and vine as Yahushua commanded.

  25. Everyone has something good to contribute to the universe out of the talents, resources, and opportunities they have been individually given in the time they have, and we are interested to see them fulfill this God-given potential.

  26. We of unconventional beliefs should protect our privacy from those who would blindly defend conventional thinking from any new ideas, either because they profit from the old ways (like in Acts 19:24-28), or because their belief-system affords them no mechanism to distinguish higher truth from error (like Saul before Jesus corrected him Acts 8:1-3). To this end we welcome the use of pseudonyms, encryption, proxy servers, and other privacy-protection mechanisms to minimize our vulnerability while maximizing our ministry. God knows who you are, and that is enough for us and the function of our ministry.

  27. Divorce is recognized for critical betrayal, such as: demanding divorce, adultery, attempted murder, or renouncing Jesus.

Status Statement:

Symbol: A ladder, which is the metaphor Jesu-Maria used to describe our ascent in Truth in The Gospel of the Holy Twelve (Chapter LXXXIX**, not a cross, which is an ancient execution device).

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