Privacy & Security Recommendations
For Ministry of the Biune Trinity Members

Updated as of: 24 April, 2017.

Although you may have to suffer some things, and be as safe as you can manage without sacrificing the truth. Err on the side of extra security: be safe rather than sorry. Don't expect a reward in heaven for being careless, and position yourself so you don't have to suffer for the truth more than necessary for the truth.

Here is a brief wake-up to the issue:

  1. Realize the risk. Unfortunately truth is learned in progressive stages, and for those that seek the truth, when you rise to a higher level you are then no longer part of the community of the previous level, and they can decide whether they will tolerate that or not (something called freedom). It is dangerous to be of unconventional truth, because those who profit from the conventional approach, those who think it's more important to defend the truth they have than admit the possibility of higher truth, those who want to hide their deeds from the light, and those who take pleasure in the old ways, all have incentive to try to stop you. Remember the murder of the prophets of God throughout history, just for speaking the truth. Remember the murder of the early Christians, just for being different. Remember the brutal torture and persecution of the Inquisition for Christians who deviated from the beliefs they were told to believe. Remember very recently the brutal persecution of the religious group Falun Gong for the same crime of being different.

  2. Realize the safety. Although you must not compromise the truth, there are steps you can take to maximize your safety. Although God will reward you suffering for the truth, don't expect Him to reward you for carelessness.

Here are the specific steps I recommend:

  1. Make sure the truth you have is clearly proven to you at your own maximum research and minimum trust. You will need this confidence. There's no point promoting or suffering for a mistake. You have to be sure that what you believe is worth holding on to.

  2. Don't give up the truth except for a higher one. Otherwise you lose the integrity of your existence.

  3. Don't accuse anyone or any organization unnecessarily or without authority (only God is the judge). The knee-jerk reaction is to defend, not admit the truth, so you invite an automatic backlash. Your job is not to accuse but to promote truth, and the two can be separated.

  4. Don't say very unconventional things in public earshot, over the phone, over email, or over any other unencrypted channel. Remember that there's a fine line between unconventional and illegal: it just depends on how much freedom you're allowed by lawmakers to deviate from their beliefs.

  5. If you're arrested, be silent (except perhaps with your lawyer): otherwise anything you say is allowed to be used against you, but nothing you say is permitted to be used for you, so it's not worth saying anything. Yahushua (aka Jesus) kept silent at his three back-to-back trials and it served Him well: they would have had to let him go except they did something unjust to ensure His condemnation.

  6. Though you want to uplift others, you must not preach more truth than someone is ready to contain. They will give you cues. It's a growth which has to happen at their own pace, not your urgency to see them at a higher level. If they're not ready, even if you're just trying to rush their ascension, they tend to bounce it back at you as an attack, such as an attack on their freedoms, or judging them, neither one of which you are supposed to do. You'll be amazed at how brilliantly they can counter-accuse you, despite the illogic, unfairness, deafness, and blindness they allow themselves to avoid your truth. You'll be amazed, but it's better to be safe than be amazed. If you press them up, they automatically resent it and accuse you for either judging them or trespassing their freedom. This was done to Jesus at his first trial: He told them the truth they asked for (they pressed Him unfairly by asking in the Name of the Living God to tell them if He was the Messiah) and without even bothering to check if it was true (that He was the Messiah), they assumed it was a lie and thereby used it as a reason to put Him to death!

  7. Minimize interactions with those who decide to be your opponents (except God's words for them) after they hear your truth. It's just not worth the unnecessary stryfe. Their decision is their decision and you trying to plead with them only makes it worse. Stop trying to reason with them: no matter how clear your logic or evidence they can just ignore it and attack you.

  8. Don't use your real name or personal information publicly on unconventional websites.

  9. Keep your unconventional data encrypted when not in use, preferably in a way which offers 'plausible deniability', because unfortunately an unfair tactic used is to make it legal for officers to demand your passwords.

  10. Use an internet browser such as TOR to make it harder to track your doings on the internet.

  11. Learn how to send encrypted emails, such as with OpenPGP, and prefer that over allowing anyone between sender and recipient to read and store your unencrypted emails.

  12. Assume that all phone calls are listened to and recorded by third parties unless proven otherwise; govern your conversation accordingly.

  13. Use a security-oriented operating system such as Tails, especially if persecution is a serious threat in your area.

  14. Keep backups of your data (preferably encrypted).

  15. Spent time understanding the law. This understanding will serve you very well if there is an attack on you.

  16. Pray often for your safety and that of others who pursue the Truth.

  17. Don't expect the best reaction in your own country, your own city, or among your own family: usually they feel a social obligation to 'reign you in' to the conventional ways. Remember that Jesus was a lot more welcome with many other peoples but His own Jewish people.

  18. Don't commit to long-term relations with opponents of our truth.

  19. Pray for opponents to truth to lighten up. This is the only effective way to reach them after they've decided against you.

  20. If you are attacked, try not to react based on your feelings, but for what best serves the furtherance of your truth. Normally this means tolerating some attacks on you to some extent. Remember that you can offer this suffering as a pennance for your sins and those of the whole world.

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